Riviera Beach chooses Brown to Head Redevelopment Agency

Riviera Beach, FL September 15, 2010 – Tony Brown accepts post as the new executive director of the Riviera Beach Community Development Agency in Riviera Beach, Florida.  Brown’s partners will manage the day-to-day responsibilities of T. Brown Consulting Group, LLC (TBCG) during his two-year term as executive director. 

“The lure to lead another high profile redevelopment initiative was too tempting to resist.  I have long felt that the city of Riviera Beach boasted one of the best urban beach communities in the state,” commented Tony Brown.  “I am drawn to this city with the same affinity and affection that I have for my hometown of Cincinnati. I feel that my unique life experiences will resonate well and bring this diverse community together to help it achieve the key elements of the redevelopment plan.” 

Brown sees Riviera Beach as a community developer’s paradise.   Located in Palm Beach County on Florida’s east coast, the city was incorporated September 29, 1922.  As of 2004, its predominantly African American population was estimated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be 32,522. Riviera Beach is home to the Port of Palm Beach, a United States Coast Guard station and a municipal marina which is central to the redevelopment effort.

Brown plans to organize the new CRA Plan into a cohesive redevelopment strategy based on geography and has pledged to execute the plan in a transparent work environment based on priorities established by the Board of Commissioners. 

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Riviera Beach, Florida


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