Jacksonville Food Desert Study

Our Work

Simply put, food deserts are places in our country where there is a lack of availability of, and access to, the fresh foods needed to maintain a healthy balanced diet; reduce obesity and other nutrition-related diseases; and support good community health outcomes. The northwest community in Jacksonville, FL is one of these areas. The City of Jacksonville wants to increase access to affordable and nutritious foods for residents in this important area of town and selected T. Brown Consulting Group to develop strategies to help achieve this goal.

Our work analyzed trends in the availability of fresh healthy food options and produced a market study for Northwest Jacksonville, inclusive of area grocery store industry trends (see links to the right); considered potential solutions to help alleviate potential food deserts; and assisted the City of Jacksonville to establish clear policy and program initiatives.

Activating Community Engagement

Exploring what Northwest Jacksonville residents think about their access to foods (current and future) is the heart of our work. To find out, we hosted a neighborhood Community Forum. With 87 residents present, the TBCG team and city officials led a lively, informative and participatory session that featured a look at the latest neighborhood-level food desert data, provided an understanding of the critical success indicators grocers look for in the neighborhoods where they locate and key technology trends in the grocery store industry.

A highlight of the evening was the real time, interactive audience response poll that provided an instant snapshot of our audience’s lived and desired food access experiences. You’ll find the results of the audience response poll at the link to the right.


Our final report can be downloaded from link to the right. Contact the City of Jacksonville, Department of Economic Development for program incentives. (www.coj.net/nwjedf)